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PRATIDIN PRAKASHANI PVT. LTD. is Bengal’s leading media and communications group, with its main interests across Newspapers, Magazines, Internet Editions, Events and Outdoor, Below the Line marketing solutions, and Mobile Value Added Services.

SANGBAD PRATIDIN is the flagship brand of the company. In today’s dynamic media world, where consumers have an unprecedented array of choices, Sangbad Pratidin stands out as a brand that is the choice of half millions of Bengalis as they start their day. With three editions, Sangbad Pratidin covers entire state of West Bengal.

Sangbad Pratidin also powers, endorses and manages it's website, and also has other social media wings like Facebook page, Twitter handle, Instagram account and Youtube channel. These all generally referred as SANGBAD PRATIDIN DIGITAL.

Sangbad Pratidin Digital, brings you every day the most comprehensive bouquet of news and analysis. Its fearless and unbiased journalism over yester years has won the Sangbad Pratidin Digital a mature and dedicated readership from all over the world. And, it is growing.

Whereas has a whopping page views which crosses 10 million mark and growing every day; makes Sangbad Pratidin Digital is the obvious choice of netizens. Our active Face book page has more than 1.8 Million followers. News feed is armed with instant article and audience network. The continuous news update and lives from our strong team arrests the eyeballs of the viewers throughout the day.